What’s my “Why?”

So many people are asking, “Why are you retiring and starting a tattoo business?”

Let me explain. I love serving others, and have spent my entire adult life doing so in many different roles-as a nurse’s aid, dental technician, nurse, charge nurse, nurse manager, flight nurse instructor/evaluator, and chief nurse. So, although I am ready to own my time, so to speak, I’m not ready to stop being of service to others, especially in my own community.

Not long ago I realized I had largely lost my eyebrows due to hormone changes and aging. Through my research to have them tattooed I discovered that cosmetic and restorative tattoo not only provides convenience, but also has the amazing potential to restore youthful beauty, a sense of wholeness, and restore confidence. This has led me to pursue a future focused on sharing this with others.

Whether it’s for enhanced beauty, greater convenience, to restore a more youthful hairline, hair density, or to address scar and trauma camouflage, I am committed to serving your unique needs. 

I’m very excited to be opening Quill & Ink Tattoo studio inside Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness, as I recognize cosmetic and restorative tattoo as elements of one’s personal wellness. I look forward to working with you, understanding your personal goals, and providing you thoughtful attention to detail so you’ll fall in love with your results!

Accepting requests for consultation and services June 15th.  

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