Cosmetic Brows

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Are your brows sparse, poorly shaped, or too light in color to add to the openness, beauty and confidence of your face? Adding color and, or reshaping your brows can take years off your appearance. With so many treatment choices, we’re certain to find something that will allow you to achieve beautiful results. Book a consultation, and let’s discuss your eyebrow goals.

Ombré/Powder Brows $400
Have you over-plucked? Lost your brows to hormone changes of aging? Powder Brows use an ultra-fine pixelation technique to create a soft, powdered look. This is also the best choice for oily and aging skin.

3D Feather Brows $400
Beautiful results are achieved through a technique which replicates feathered hair strokes creating fuller, bolder brows. This technique is best suited to those with healthy brows that you’d like to give a boost.

Combo Brows $400
This technique combines powder brow shading with 3D feathered hair strokes from the front to the middle of the brow to create a natural, yet fuller and more defined shap.

Touch Up for Brows $125
Scheduled 6-12 weeks after initial brows procedure. Once your brows are fully healed, it’s recommended that you come back in to touch up any color that might have healed too light.

Before, Immediately After, Healed Result:

Note: Rates are subject to change and are non-negotiable