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Attention site visitors: Service prices were lowered in March 2023. My goal is to improve access to those feeling like we’re in a recession. If you need special pricing consideration, please contact me.

About Me

~ Beverly Davidson ~
Cosmetic / Restorative /Paramedical Tattoo Artist, Nurse,
Retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Aeromedical Evacuation Flight Nurse,
Adventure Lover

Twenty-two years of nursing has prepared me to take excellent care of your cosmetic and restorative tattoo needs. I look forward to discussing your specific goals, and working with you through the process to achieve the beautiful results and convenience you desire. Trained in Permanent Makeup, Scalp Micropigmentation, Density, 3D Areola, Scar Camouflage, and Fine Line/Tiny Tattoos. Save by booking a combination of services.

Available Monday through Saturday by appointment.

Permanent Cosmetic Services


Are your brows sparse, poorly shaped, or too light in color to add to the openness, beauty and confidence of your face? Adding color and, or reshaping your brows can take years off your appearance. With so many treatment choices, we’re certain to find something that will allow you to achieve beautiful results. Book a consultation, and let’s discuss your eyebrow goals.

Ombré/Powder Brows $400

Have you over-plucked? Lost your brows to hormone changes of aging? Powder Brows use an ultra-fine pixelation technique to create a soft, powdered look. This is also the best choice for oily and aging skin.

3D Feather Brows $400

Beautiful results are achieved through a technique which replicates feathered hair strokes creating fuller, bolder brows. This technique is best suited to those with healthy brows that you’d like to give a boost.

Combo Brows $400

This technique combines powder brow shading with 3D feathered hair strokes from the front to the middle of the brow to create a natural, yet fuller and more defined shape.

Touch Up for Brows $125

Scheduled 6-12 weeks after initial brows procedure. Once your brows are fully healed, it’s recommended that you come back in to touch up any color that might have healed too light.


Are you interested in a natural look with a little boost to your lash line & the convenience of getting out the door without having to put on mascara, or maybe a more bold, classic eyeliner look? Permanent eye makeup is the perfect treatment to boost your confidence & enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Classic Eyeliner: Upper Lid Only


Classy and bold, permanent eyeliner will keep you looking great all day. Whether you’re out there crushing it with some wet, sweaty sports & recreation, or at the office, this treatment will both enhance your look & increase convenience. Get out there faster, bolder, and more confident. 

Classic Eyeliner: Upper & Lower Lids


Feel like going full Wow? Add a lower liner to the above procedure to bring definite punch to your sassy look. Available in classic shades of Blacks, Browns, and a lovely Sterling. Feeling more playful? Beautiful Perma Blend pigments such as Peacock, Ocean Blue, Green Paradise, & Purple Wish are available for the daring. Permanent eyeliner will result in a bolder, sassier, and more confident you.

Eyelash Line Enhancement: Upper & Lower


Classy and subtle, permanent eyelash line enhancement will keep you looking great all day. Tattooed just within the lashes, this treatment will intensify the appearance of density at the lash line without the need for mascara, lash growth products, or lash treatments. More
subtle than a classic eyeliner, eyelash line enhancement might be just what you’re looking for to define your eyes without the look of a full eyeliner.

Eyelash Line Enhancement: Upper Only


Permanent eyelash line enhancement will add just the right amount of color in your lash line to create a fuller, denser look without the need of heavy mascara. Pigment applied within the lashes, this treatment lets you wake up ready to hit the road for work or your next adventure.

Touch Up for Eyelash Line Enhancement/Eyeliner Service $125

Done 6-12 weeks after initial procedure. Once your eyes are fully healed, it’s recommended that you come back in to touch up any color that might have healed too light.


Want to add a beautiful shade to your lips? Are you a woman, or man with uneven, or very light lip pigment? These treatments can be as minimal as defining your vermilion border, or adding a sheer blush, evening you lip color/tone, or creating a matte all-over lip color. Let’s get together and discuss your needs. *Due to potential need for pre-medication, consultation required.

Full Lips

Adds all over color to your lips. Valuable to both women and men with pigmentation challenges. Thus service results in a well-defined vermillion border and beautiful all-over color. **This is usually a two step process which requires a touch-up for best results.


Aquarelle Lip Blush

This treatment adds color to your lips without fuller opacity. This popular treatment adds a blush of color to your lips without looking like lipstick. Also a great option for men with lip pigmentation concerns. Appears like a matte lip blush once healed. Happy to add a “diamond finish” for you with this treatment, which adds depth and dimension to your lip blush. *May require a touch up 6-12 weeks after initial service.


Lip Liner

Adds color at the vermilion border to better define your lips.


Touch Up for Lip Service

Done 6-12 weeks after initial procedure. Once your lips are fully healed, it’s recommended that you come back in to touch up any color that might have healed too light.


Scalp Micropigmentation Services

For Men and Women

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) & SMP Density are among the most innovative, least invasive, and convenient ways to address male and female pattern hair loss. For balding men, we’ll work together to map the perfect hairline for your age and personal style, to include natural and line up as desired. For men and women with thinning hair, we will discuss your concerns, evaluate your level of thinning and density goals. Expect to schedule 3-4 sessions to achieve the results you’re looking for. During consultation we’ll discuss goals, quote a fair price based on the level of your hair loss using the appropriate assessment tool, and appoint for 1st & 2nd pass sessions.

Scalp Micropigmentation for Baldness

Whether you’re bald or balding, & have decided a clean shaven look is for you, SMP will compliment your style. By mapping a more youthful hairline, & restoring the appearance of an all over shave by recreatIng lost follicles, you’ll look more youthful & feel more confident. Requiring little, if any downtime, & at a fraction of the cost & discomfort of hair transplant surgery, SMP allows you to bald with dignity. If you’ve already had hair transplant, SMP can also camouflage harvest scars. **Consultation required for pricing.

Scalp Micropigmentation Density for Thinning Hair

Is your scalp shining though thinning hair? This occurs for many reasons-age, stress, hormone changes, illness, tight braiding, etc. SMP Density is a great treatment for both men & women. Expect 2-3 sessions to achieve the results you’re looking for. During consultation we‘ll discuss your goals, quote a fair price based on your needs using the Norwood or Ludwig Classification System, and appoint for 1st and 2nd pass sessions. I look forward to helping you regain your confidence with this innovative treatment. **Consultation required for pricing.

3D Areola/Scar Camouflage

3D areola tattooing is a cosmetic tattooing technique that creates the illusion of a three-dimensional areola and nipple after breast reconstruction surgery. Scar camouflage is a similar technique that uses tattooing to blend scars from injury, illness, surgery, pregnancy, etc. into the surrounding skin, making them less visible. Both procedures involve using specialized pigments and techniques to create natural looking results. ** It is my goal to make these two services affordable to all who need them. Please contact me for consultation.

3D Areola Single/Double

Scar Camouflage


$125/hr, 1 hr min

Touch Up Service

Done 6-12 weeks after initial procedure. Once your skin is fully healed, it’s recommended that you come back in to touch up any color that might have healed too light.


Fine Line / Tiny Tattoos

Have you been thinking about adding an affirmation, special name, date, memorial tattoo, or adorable piece of fine line art to your body? Bring your idea, artwork, or picture and I’ll create a tiny tattoo for you. Special occasion? Make it a Tiny Tattoo party! Group discounts apply. **No consultation required.

Fine Line/Tiny Tattoo Up to 1”


Fine Line/Tiny Tattoo Up to 2”


Fine Line/Tiny Tattoo Up to 3”


Fine Line/Tiny Tattoo greater than 3”



30 Minutes to Ensure Best Results



During this 30 minute consultation we’ll discuss your specific goals, service(s) desired, & plan our strategy to achieve the best results. We’ll do a brief health history to determine conditions that may require pre-medication, or doctor’s note to proceed. Also, we’ll discuss if best results require preparation of the area to be treated, such as by exfoliation at home or by an esthetician, or if you would benefit from a patch test for sensitivity to pigment. Scalp Micropigmentation & Density require assessment with the appropriate classification system. Some services are available directly following.

Note: Rates are subject to change and are non-negotiable

Before, Immediately After, Healed Result

Cancellation Policy

48 hour notice required to cancel/reschedule your appointment.
*Forfeiture of deposit will result for no-show, or tardiness for appointment requiring rebooking
(greater than 15 mins late)
Thank you for understanding, canceled appointments are difficult to fill due to pre-procedure care/restrictions.

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